Norway is a paradise, Thanks to Norwegian Pakistanis: Bilquis Edhi

Report by Syed Sibtain Shah

Head of largest humanitarian network in Pakistan and widow of internationally famous Pakistani Philanthropist late Abdul Sattar Edhi has visited Norway along with her son Faisal Edhi last weekend.

Both great human rights activist and social workers were invited by Pakistan Union Norway in connection with Pakistan’s Independence Day celebrations.

The Union’s Chairman Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal had arranged a large gathering in order to celeberate the 70th jubilee of Pakistan’s day in Lorenskog city near Oslo, the capital last weekend.

During the ceremony, Bilquis Edhi was presented a special award for a long services for humanity. Former President Pervez Musharraf was also present on the occasion as he also received an award for services for the nation. A large number of Norwegian Pakistanis attended the graceful function.

After their short engagements in Norway, she and her son left for London. They were seen off by their main host Ch Qamar Iqbal, senior journalist Atta Ansari, Ch Ashraf, Haji Asghar Dhakar, Nasir Mir and others.

Before their departure for UK, both exclusively talked to senior journalist Atta Ansari.

Bilquis said, Norway is a paradise and Norwegian Pakistani are lucky as they live in this paradise. Norwegian people and Norwegian Pakistani both are nice human beings.

She added, they invited us and offered a great respect and hospitality to us. “We are grateful to you people.”

This is your greatness that you people remembered us. To a question that despite of her illness, she travelled to a distanced country Norway, Bilquis said, I had desired to visit Norway. I had knew about Norway that this is a beautiful country. Yes, I practically saw that it is a fact, Norway is a nice country. You people are luckey that you live in a beautiful country.

Faisal Edhi also talked about his next destination United Kingdom, he said, in his four day stay in UK, he will meet volunteers of Edhi’s Foundation in London and as well as Pakistani community based in the British country.

About overseas Pakistani he said, they helped us a lot and we always wish to meet them in order to discuss thier issues and new ideas.

About Norwegian Pakistanis, Faisal Edhi said, I salute them that they have great feelings about Pakistan. Their spirits are more than Pakistanis in Pakistan. We have to learn from them. I shall bring this message to Pakistan. So, we could be able to develop Pakistan. If we have such feelings and practices in Pakistan, nobody can stop our developments.

It is important to mention that during Mrs Edhi and Faisal Edhi’s visit to Norway, a group of Pakistani headed by Tanveer Ahmad and Mohsin Raja collected considerable donations for the Edhi’s foundation. 

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