Victims of Kunan-Poshpora should be given immediate justice, Say Speakers of a Seminar in Brussels

Kunan Poshpura Seminar in Brussels Feb 25 2018

Speakers of a seminar in Brussels, the capital of Belgium have called upon international community to pressurize India in order to strictly punish its security   personnel involved in human rights violations specially culprits of 27-year old mass-rape incident of Kunan-Poshpora villages in occupied Kashmir. Former member Brussels Parliament Daniel CARON, Chainman Kashmir Council EU Mr Ali Raza Syed, Member Brussels Parliament Dr Zahoor Manzoor, President WKDA Europe Ch Khalid Joshi, and Chairman Kashmir Info Mir Shahjahan spoke on the occasion. Members of civil society, representatives of various NGOs including Senior Kashmiri figure Sardar Sadique,…

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