Halal Food’s business grows in Central and Eastern Europe

Halal Food in Europe

Exclusive Report The multicultural and multi ethnic societies of Europe have so much diversity, beauty and generosity. Access to Halal Food is also not difficult in the Europe. There are many places of Halal food in different European cities as there are so many diverse communities in the region. Specially, there are plenty of halal restaurants and shops for Halal food in the western part of the region. But If you compare it with eastern and central Europe, access to Halal food in these countries was a little difficult here…

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Chief justice questions A.D. Khowaja on whereabouts of absconding Rao Anwar

IG Sindh AD Khawaja in Supreme Court of Pakistan - Dawn

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday questioned the Sindh Inspector General of Police A.D. Khowaja on the whereabouts of former SSP Malik Rao Anwar, who has been accused of being involved in the extra-judicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud. A three-member bench of the Supreme Court, presided by the chief justice, was conducting a suo motu hearing on the case. After being presented with an investigation report by Khowaja, the chief justice remarked: “The state has been blamed for his murder. Those who were responsible for providing security are being…

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نہال ہاشمی گرفتار، 1ماہ قید، 5 سال کیلئے نااہل قرار

Nihal Hashmi Arrested

سپریم کورٹ نےنہال ہاشمی کو توہین عدالت کا مجرم قرار دیتے ہوئے 1ماہ قید کے علاوہ 50 ہزار روپے جرمانہ عائد کر دیا ہے۔ مسلم لیگ ن کے رہنما کو 5 سال کے لیے نااہل بھی قرار دیا گیا ہے۔ فیصلے کے بعد نہال ہاشمی کو احاطہ عدالت سے گرفتار کرلیا گیا اور انہیں اڈیالہ جیل منتقل کیے جانے کا امکان ہے۔ ن لیگی سینیٹر نے 28 مئی 2017کو کراچی میں تقریرکرتے ہوئے عدلیہ کو دھمکیاں دی تھیں۔ توہین عدالت کا فیصلہ 2 اور 1 کی نسبت سے آیا۔ سپریم…

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North Korea brands US ‘gross violator of human rights’

North Korea has denounced US President Donald Trump’s administration as a “gross violator of human rights”, its state media reported Wednesday. The official Korean Central News Agency released its English-language report on Pyongyang’s annual white paper on US human rights violations as Trump began his State of the Union speech, in which he condemned the North. North Korea’s rights rights record is heavily criticised by both the United States and the United Nations, and it is estimated to have up to 120,000 political prisoners in its sprawling gulag system. Washington…

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Islamic scholar questioned over rape claims

Tariq Ramadan

PARIS: French police on Wednesday questioned pro­minent Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan over allegations that he raped two women, who went public with their claims in the wake of the Harvey Weins­tein scandal. The Oxford professor was summoned to a Paris police station and taken into custody “as part of a preliminary inquiry in Paris into rape and assault allegations”, a police source said. Ramadan has furiously denied the complaints made by two Muslim women who said they were emboldened to break their silence after the revelations that toppled Hollywood mogul…

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Commanders authorised to deal with ‘safe havens’ in Afghanistan, Pakistan: US

Pakistan cautions US about consequences of anti-Taliban offensive

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration’s South Asia strategy gives US commanders in the region the authority and resources they need to deal with “terrorist safe havens in both Afghanistan and Pakistan”, says the White House. The strategy that President Donald Trump announced in August last year underlines the US determination to defeat the Taliban in the battlefield in order to force them to accept the current administrative set-up in Kabul. As part of this strategy, the Trump administration recently increased drone strikes at alleged terrorist safe havens in the Federally Administered…

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Three online child pornography cases unearthed in Punjab

LAHORE: Even as the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been able to track down three men who are allegedly involved in uploading and selling child pornographic content online, the agency has proposed the setting up of a fully equipped ‘cyber patrol wing’ at its headquarters to unearth other such cases in the country. At the moment, there is no team at any FIA office that’s working full time to track down the suspects involved in selling or uploading pornographic material online. The FIA goes after suspects on the basis of…

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