Population of Five Million People under Siege

Islamabad Highway Blocked | Faizabad Interchange | Islamabad Expressway Situation | Dharna at Faizabad

Overseas Tribune Exclusive, Protesters from a religious group blocked the Islamabad Expressway since last five days, the people of twin cities are under siege. People are facing severe issues of transport. Public transport is available till Faizabad Interchange, after that people use to walk till I-8 check post of Islamabad Police and then have to wait for other vans. The Islamabad Expressway have become a bus stand, there are several cars parked on both sides of Islamabad Expressway. The protesters have installed barriers on roads for passerby and have also setup…

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Tehreek e Labaik Ya Rasool Allah is still on Islamabad Roads

Overseas Tribune Exclusive, Thousands of protesters of Tehreek e Labaik Ya Rasool Allah have effectively blocked the Islamabad Highway from Faizabad Interchange. Due this blockage daily life of millions of people in twin cities has affected. Long march was started from Data Darbar Lahore, initially there were a few hundred members of  Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah. By Friday afternoon, the population of the protesters rised to over 3,000, disrupting public life and prompting police to set up shipping containers on the through way to prevent the protesters from entering the…

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