A Norwegian Pakistani artist brutally injured in an attack in Lahore

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Oslo (Exclusive Report)

A Norwegian Pakistani artist was seriously injured in a brutal attack by an activist of PML-N in Lahore, the province capital.

Syed Muhammad Anwar Ali 67 who was currently in Pakistan in order to take care his family business of restaurant branch at a rental property opposite to Bahria Town Main gate in Lahore, visited land lord’s farmhouse for informing him about his intention to sale out this business to a third party this week.

The land lord Malik Riaz Mahmood who is also a local activist of Muslim League-N, got furious on this intention and ordered his gunman to attack Mr Anwar Ali. When, the gunman avoided, Malik Riaz himself  used abusive langue and physically beaten Anwar Ali on face and other parts of the body with holder of a rifle. Malik Riaz and his people also robbed money and other personal belongings of Mr Anwar Ali. The land lord further ordered his guards to raid rental property of the restaurant and beat up the employees and seal the restaurant.

Police of Sunder police station lodged a FIR on request of Anwar Ali but the accused and his men involved are at large so far. Family of the Norwegian national Syed Muhammad Anwar Ali who came Pakistan due to his love with the motherland, invested in Lahore in the restaurant branch hoping to invest  more in future, and by taking such step, optimistically motivate other overseas Pakistanis towards  investments in Pakistan.

The family members of Anwar Ali disappointed after this humiliation as saying, “We are not sure if our father can stay anymore in Pakistan. When we saw his damaged face, we feel more sorry for oppressed people who are facing injustice for last seven decades.”

Anwar Ali has been living in north European country Norway for more than four decades, where he has been working in hotel’s sector and running his own café business. During all these years abroad, he kept strong feelings for Pakistan, and always had a wish to spend part of his retirement life in his beloved parents’ land.

In 2015 Anwar Ali and 34 year old his son, decided to realize his dreams, and came to Pakistan with great passion and determination. The Norway’s born his son  is highly educated and skilled engineer with vast experience in the Norwegian Oil and Gas Sector. As a part of realising his father’s dreams, having no previous experience of spending time in Pakistan, he decided to invest his time and money for the sake of his father, and out of his passion and love for Pakistan.

For this purpose, they rented a spot for café and restaurant, located, opposite to Bahria Town Main Gate, from the landlord Malik Riaz Mahmood at Malik Riaz Market. They invested about  one crore rupees in renovation and in establishing Grill Cottage Family restaurant. Monthly rental was 100.000 rupees per month.

The idea behind business concept was to introduce healthy food upholding strict hygienic standards, observing the fact that the food sector in Lahore had real bad reputation. Alongside this, they wanted to create a unique workplace that cared for its employees and respected their rights. The ‘Grill Cottage’ restaurant was all about passion and love for people, serving them warmheartedly. All this was much appreciated by its guests.

After this incident, Anwar Ali’s family reacted like this, “ How can we suggest overseas Pakistanis to come and invest when such are the circumstances?  We need to take a reality check.” I don’t think Pakistan is safe place for overseas Pakistanis when it comes to making investment into country. I know that I might be wrong in my opinion, but then, only way to convince me again is by showing me the justice with my father. I keep it simple: Let the justice avail, and I will then start to believe in EK NEYA PAKISTAN, the frustrated Anwar’s son argued.

It is important to mention that Syed Muhammad Anwar Ali is professionally a painter and he has so far conveyed his message of peace and love and specially he tried to promote positive image of Pakistan through his unique art work in Europe. He also had met the Prime Minister Imran Khan on his fundraising trip to Norway for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and presented a piece of his art work to him on the occasion in 1994.

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