China opposes US statements linking terrorism to Pakistan

In the face of mounting US pressure against Pakistan, China has opposed the idea of linking terrorism to any country and placing the onus of responsibility of counter-terrorism on a certain country, reported Radio Pakistan, the state-run radio station.

Referring to the recent statements of US President Donald Trump and other US officials, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang on Monday said that ‘pointing fingers’ at each other is not conducive to the global counter-terrorism efforts.

“Terrorism is a common enemy of the world and crackdown on the menace needs joint efforts from the international community,” Kang said during a press briefing in Beijing.

The spokesperson once again acknowledged Islamabad’s sacrifices and contributions in the war against terrorism. “As we have stressed many times that Pakistan has made important sacrifices and contributions to the global anti-terrorism cause,” Kang was quoted as saying.

Talking about China’s support to Pakistan in its anti-terrorism campaign, especially during the recent weeks, he commented, “China defends the countries that make anti-terrorism efforts in a just and fair way”.

China also welcomed all global efforts, on the basis of mutual trust and mutual respect, against terrorism, Kang added.

Source: APP, Dawn

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