Musharraf and Edhi to receive excellence awards in Norway

Oslo (PR) General Retired Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan and Balqis Edhi, head of Edhi Foundation and her son Faisal Edhi would participate in a grand event in connection with 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s Independence Day in Norway.
The program is being arranged by Pakistan Union Norway, the leading Organisation of Pakistani community based in the Scandinavian country (Norway).
A meeting of the central board of the organisation headed by Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal  was held recently in order to review all the arrangements of the program.
The meeting disclosed that program would be celebrated on 19th August in Lorenskog locality near Oslo, the capital.
The event which would be attended by a large number of the people from different walks of life, will be openned for public at 5 pm. The meeting of central board of the union was attended by Syed Zaki ul Hassan Shah, Malik Pervez, Sheikh Fawad Anwar, Mansha Khan, Mohammad Asghar, Akram Sikriali, Dr Jameel, Shahid Munir, Shahrukh Sohail, Shahid Hussain, Khawar Abbas, Tahir Mahmood, Ghulam Sarwar, Waqar Ansar, Atif Mahmood and others.
Chaudhary Qamar Iqbal informed that all of the arrangements for the program have been finalized so far. The process for delivery of the invitation cards to the guests has been also completed and the organizers have been assigned for managing the program. A large number of the people from Norwegian Pakistani Community, Norwegians, Europeans and Pakistanis based in other countries of Europe and as well as from Pakistan have been invited.
A statement of Pakistan Union Norway said, during the event, Pervez Musharraf would be given a special award for recognition of his visionary leadership and services for Pakistani nation. Balqis Ehdi would also receive an award for her great contribution for welfare of the humanity. Another leading social worker of Pakistan Mr Sajid Raza Sikka and UK based senior Pakistani journalist and writer Ahmad Nizami and former President of Press Club Gujrat, Pakistan Wasim Ashraf Butt will also receive the excellence awards from Pakistan Union due to their noteworthy works in their respective fields. They were already nominated by the award’s committee of the Union.
The statement of Pakistan Union Norway emphasized that the union has always tried its best to invite the leading personalities due to their significant skills in different social and scientific fields and as well as other dignitaries for their key role in nation building.
Beside the main program of the Pakistan’s National Day, the Union will also arrange three separate events of media workshop and seminars on forced marriage and investment in Pakistan in Oslo, the Norwegian capital.
In its statement, Pakistan Union Norway has expressed gratitude to “Diskusjonsforum for Samfunnsengasjerte Norsk Pakistanere” for its cooperation in the program’s arrangements specially fund raising for Edhi foundation.
Chairman Pakistan Union Norway said special thanks to office bearers of the organisation Mr Tanveer Ahmed and Mohsin Raja for their contribution.

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