KEA urge United Nations to adopt measures to prevent another Pak-India War

President Kashmir European Alliance Sardar Pervez Mehmood Oslo Norway
Kashmir European Alliance calls for immediate measures to prevent another Pakistan-India war. UN Security Council and General Assembly need to adopt measures to prevent another Pak-India war, President of Kashmir European Alliance Sardar Pervez Mehmood has said on the occasion of Kashmir black day. UN should expand UNMOGIP and its deployment on both sides for comprehensive monitoring of the ceasefire; Initiate the withdrawal of heavy artillery from LoC positions and set in motion the exchange of solemn mutual assurances by both countries not to resort to force and not to interfere and intervene against each other.
India appears to be seriously overestimating its power. Although India is not the regional hegemon, it continues to behave as if it is. Coercion and force seem to be Dehli’s preferred option to address almost every challenge it confronts. India is pushing the limits without calculating the consequences. Unless such belligerence is moderated, a regional power conflict could erupt in global one.
The most tragic consequence of even the new cold wars is the erosion of the collective efforts required to address the emerging existential and global threats: poverty and hunger, climate change, nuclear war, mass migration and communicable diseases. Even these cold wars are collectively exploiting the vast opportunities for human progress and wellbeing that technology and innovation now promise.
Today’s conflicts are mostly ‘hybrid’ wars, encompassing special operations, sabotage and cyber warfare. As Afghanistan, Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Libya and Yemen have illustrated, it is easy to start such ‘complex’ wars but extremely difficult to prevent their escalation and expansion.
Destiny to people of Kashmir cannot be left to be determined by political pygmies or partisan interests. It is imperative that political leaders who possess a global vision of a shared human future forge a new ‘consensus to circumvent next Pak-India war, effectively prohibit the resort to force, control armaments and promote active bilateral cooperation to address the common challenges that confront people in Subcontinent.
We have to be men of vision and there has to be a broadminded acceptance of facts in order to integrate really. And real integration comes of the mind and the heart, and not of some clause which you may impose on other people,” Jawaharlal Nehru told the Lok Sabha in 1952.
Kashmir feels cheated by broken pledges and oppressed by recent moves to dilute whatever little is left of its autonomy. This feeling of political deceit and constitutional oppression is coupled with a growing sense of physical suffocation. Sardar maintained.

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